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The company commander mountain island super five-star seascape hotel will be built

Date: 2009-09-25

China's first type islands off super five-star seascape hotel will be built district mountain islands
Create "China's first international tourism and leisure resort islands"
Appreciate the long mountain islands, there are three angles: the island to see the sea, blue sky, boundless; Yacht shuttle between island, Marine erosion physiognomy of the uncanny workmanship, fight between the waves and surprised unceasingly; The most beautiful is overlooking the island, green island set in between the white beach, a small island, as scattered between the pearl on the blue sea...
This unique natural beauty, once "hidden deep in the best", recently, a quantity body custom make the company commander mountain island tourist resort planning (hereinafter referred to as "planning") has won the dalian municipal government Wednesday presided, and by the standing committee of municipal party committee, marking the long mountain islands in the planning and construction of comprehensive start.
New business newspaper reporter interviewed the first time ChangHaiXian of county Hao Ming and ChangHaiXian county magistrate Sun Guokuan, as Hao Ming puts it, "planning" for a high starting point, the panoramic islands laid a blueprint for guiding construction long mountain, in the blueprint, "China's first international tourism and leisure resort islands" of new will gradually show to the world......
1 positioning high-end island tourism destination
"In the 21st century is the world's most popular tourist will in Marine tourism, island tourism is the ocean swim, swim and islands more precious, like a pearl on the crown of", in Sun Guokuan opinion, the tourism market trends, itself is a kind of opportunity. For long shan islands, opportunity of questions: "China's islands were few, more limited for tourism development, and the three northeastern provinces only long mountain this islands, has a strong scarcity."
Sun Guokuan said that, in the past, ChangHaiXian island tourism is relatively low-end sightseeing tour, and long hill archipelago of high-end choice, development on holiday leisure, business meetings, leisure sports and sports rehabilitation, and other special market, coupled with clear four seasons island landscape, will make long mountain islands more selling point. Products based on high-end, long mountain islands chain layout and function of tourism space layout can realize "low to high with low, high school".
2 islands function clear reading area
The future in the long mountain islands, visitors will be what kind of leisure life experience?
With large length to become a tourist resort in the island district, XiaoChangShanDao construction to become an international sea fishing center, leisure wide kashima form international conference center, roebuck island strengthening modern Marine fisheries center... Sun Guokuan said, around the island tourism destination, long islands in mountain islands area will have different division of labor.
Combining with the regional planning, long mountain islands will add A lot of new content: seaview conference center, villa super five-star seascape hotel, exclusive island, and private beach, yacht dock, helicopter pad, seawater S P A rehabilitation center, mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, canoeing, water skiing, etc.
Interpretation of the
Oceanic ranch hand swim high-end 3 "long mountain islands in the future, must be travel all over the world, the awareness of the islands also want to as travel to ring", Sun Guokuan said, but to really become a world-class island resort, needs to be in ten years or twenty years time, right now, will still be based on the fishing industry, the construction of tourist resort at the same time, also want to build the modern ocean pasture.
Long mountain islands sea area use, will be set in accordance with the plan, to conform to the need of the construction of the tourism. Long mountain islands of fisheries and will to the sightseeing fishery development.
Sun Guokuan again look forward to: "in the future, let tourists diving, on hand in the sea fishing eat wild sea cucumber, abalone, it will be a kind of what kind of feeling, and value-added products will bring Marine products?" Link, a long mountain islands planning overview
Long mountain islands including ChangHaiXian running steadily in the scope of our space mountain island (mainly has big long mountain island, XiaoChangShanDao, wide kashima and surrounding islands) and foreign minister mountain island (mainly roebuck islands, ocean island and the surrounding islands), a total of 100 islands and 100 reef (lead), land area of 119.24 square kilometers (orgasm); Also includes ZhuangHeShi of shicheng islands (mainly shicheng and king's island and the surrounding islands), with 22 islands, 21 reef (lead), land area of 33.83 square kilometers (orgasm).