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China's most luxurious business hotel in donggang dalian only seascape

Date: 2012-02-26

Yesterday, the center of dalian wanda grand opening. City leaders, and li wancai was, Liu Junwen chung man,,, zhang jun, zhang shikun old leadership Li Yongjin, Lin Qingmin and wanda group chairman wang jianlin to attend the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon. The celebration ceremony, wanda group donated 1 million yuan to the dalian charity federation.
First opened project as dalian donggang business's financial district, dalian wanda center and in the world next to the permanent site of summer davos meeting - dalian international conference center and the international cruise terminal, together constitute the core of donggang business's financial district, become the landmark buildings of China and the world, as a new urban business card of dalian, a sharp rise in the international image and status of dalian city.
, first of all to the wanda group expressed warm congratulations. Donggang CBD, he says, is the core of the diamond harbour area, is an important business base, financial center, dalian information hub, is a high-end headquarters base, modern cultural life science and technology zone, are high-end talent, dalian and northeast of will become the most dynamic, one of the most investment value of the area. Dalian wanda center, wanda Conrad and wanda Hilton Hotel, is built in donggang district take the lead in investment, the first, take the lead in the opening of modern service industry large projects. The construction and development of dalian donggang CBD has made a significant contribution. Both embodies the vision of wanda group, more embodies the national federation of industry and commerce vice chairman wang jianlin hometown profound friendship. The project will be put into use to improve the integrated function of the donggang CBD, promote the development of dalian modern service industry, improve the quality of cities play an important role in promoting. From dalian wanda group walked out of the well-known enterprises at home and abroad, after more than 20 years of entrepreneurship development, has now become a leader in domestic commercial real estate, Asian famous real estate enterprise, has the good enterprise culture and very strong economic strength. Sincerely wish the wanda group to thrive, the tenet to support dalian construction as before, the rich, beautiful and civilized construction in dalian, in the process of modern international city, constantly open up new development space, make new greater contributions.
Dalian wanda center with a total construction area of 480000 square meters, consists of 5 200 meters of high-rise building, including super five-star wanda Conrad and wanda Hilton Hotel, a five-star international top level office buildings, villas, etc., with dalian office buildings, hotels, a person of extraordinary powers curtilage the ascension into the world first-class level.
Dalian wanda Conrad is the highest city in China on behalf of the hotel, is China's most luxurious business hotel in the city, building area of 36000 square meters, has a capacity of 210 rooms, the rooms are ornamental seaview, is the only seascape hotel dalian. Dalian wanda Hilton Hotel construction area of 62000 square meters, has a capacity of 370 rooms. Hotel banquet hall area of 1688 square meters, is the northeast's largest ballroom. Dalian wanda center office building, 206 meters high, the top has a helipad, equipped with advanced intelligent and environmental protection equipment, designed for world-class enterprise, is one of the best office building in China.
Wanda has developed to the investment projects in more than 60 cities in China but dalian city has been the focus of wanda investment. And as the growth of the enterprise strength, increasing investment, will be the highlight of the project in dalian, to return home. Under construction in dalian high-tech in the wanda plaza is the wanda plaza, quality grade A stores, dalian stone international resort is the biggest holiday resort, wanda investment includes the stage show of the world's highest level, the world's largest indoor amusement park, the world's largest film and television culture, etc. These projects have opened, will put the business in dalian, commerce, culture, tourism promotion to world-class level.