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Hotels have become a "green hotel"

Date: 2005-06-06

Recently, Orient dynasty hotel, best western boutique seaview hotel, zhongshan hotel, dalian beiliang building four hotel was named the city "green hotel".
In may this year, organized by the municipal environmental protection bureau of green hotel review panel to review the four hotels respectively. Experts think this 4 hotels to create "green" attaches great importance to the work, not only set up a leading group, formed the management network, and improve the environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction of all relevant environmental regulations and consciously abide by the national, energy saving, sanitation, epidemic prevention and planning
Such laws and regulations. Hotels in the process of operation, emissions of waste water, waste gas, noise and solid waste treatment reach relevant national emission standards; Such as water, electricity, fuel, steam than in previous years has greatly reduce energy consumption, can provide a good green services.