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Dalian half peak tourist season food consumption from seafood

Date: 2013-08-21

Restaurant industry overall decline to dalian high-end restaurants and hotels aquarium is almost a backwater, with the advent of the tourist season, restaurant and hotel seafood sales recovery, single table in the sales, more than fifty percent from seafood sales.
Small fish and seafood into the tourist season hotel management brand.
After a spring at leisure, shao finally in this busy tourist season ushered in the stranger. Small shao seafood, a four-star hotel in the city management is commonly known as the fish of the yankees, according to his words, "the tourist season arrives, quickly become a backwater tank finally lived."
In dalian hotel people understand, fish tank, sales of seafood is a barometer of hotel performance. After the Spring Festival, the high-end restaurant industry affected by the policy performance plummeted, little bear the brunt of shao tank. "A week past the store can sell four tiger spot, often can only sell a week this spring." little shao memories. The high-grade seafood such as lobster, king crab is sluggish sales. According to the price, the price of a high-end spot fish is 2000 ~ 3000 yuan, almost like a little shao grade hotel, where only a month of zebra fish a decline in sales income is 50000 yuan.
In order to adapt to the main customer base by public funds into consumer spending and business banquets the market changes, a lot of three-star hotel and take the initiative to adjust the mid-range hotel tank in the grade of the seafood, some a fish tank in a three-star hotel, 2 yuan/catty on the market of the red sea.
Starting in June, a three-star hotel, when the fish guy in this city of xiao Yang from his own fish tank first felt the industry recover. "Get to the one or two months, the outbreak, the store every day is full. Four boss fish sell at most 2 a day in May, now a day can sell QiBaTiao." Yang said.
The reporter understands, most of the three-star hotel customers mainly come from guests and the tourist season of the travel agency. Unlike in previous years, most of the visitors is a family outing this year is given priority to, this kind of tourists for high-grade seafood is not interested in such as lobster, sea cucumber, prefer the all kinds of small fish and seafood. "Shop sell well is the boss of turbot, fish, saury, conch, razor clam, etc.," Yang said.
Is driven by seafood, hotel unit sales are growing exponentially. A three-star hotel, food and beverage manager to reporters calculated brushstroke zhang, the store a table average consumption in the spring of 400 yuan, which is given priority to with cooking, a table and now the average consumption is in 1000 yuan, up and down at least $500 of whom are from seafood.